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The Basics of Making Money with Advertising

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The Basics of Making Money with Advertising

One of the most popular shows on television is Mad Men which chronicles the drama between Don Draper and friends as they try to make money with advertising between marital infidelities and interpersonal conflicts. It’s not my kind of show. I prefer science fiction (Warehouse 13) and crime dramas (The Closer), so I’ve only watched it maybe twice. But I started thinking the other day about the show’s setting, a 1960’s ad agency, and how many people are trying to make money online in this competitive field.

There are a two ways to make money with Internet advertising: as the creator of advertising campaigns (which is a service) or by selling ad space (which is a product). In this blog post, I will be talking about the latter because it’s the income opportunity I see most people struggling with.

It seems simple enough to make money with website advertising, at least in theory. You create a website, blog, or online newsletter and then find people or companies willing to pay to advertise on it. Like so many things in life, however, the application of the idea is much more complex. If you are currently trying to earn a paycheck this way or are thinking about it, here are the basics of generating an income selling Internet advertising.

How to Get More Facebook Likes for Your Fan Page

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How to Get More Facebook Likes for Your Fan Page

Facebook Likes is Where the Money Is

Facebook offers numerous opportunities to market to their 600 million members. However, the first step is to get on their radar. If you have created a Facebook fan page then you are ahead of the curve but not quite around the bend yet. To take full advantage of the marketing opportunities on Facebook, you need to get Facebook Likes for your page.

A Facebook Like is pretty much the same as getting friend requests on the site. The status updates you post on your fan page show up in the news stream of the people who liked your page. Additionally, you can send mass messages to the entire group. So if you own a retail store and you are having a sale, you can let everyone know about it in one email. Plus, the more people who like your Facebook fan page the farther your sales message goes when those people share your content.

4 Tips for Getting More Facebook Likes

Reward Customers for Their Facebook Likes

Bribery works. Honestly, people love getting stuff for free and will gladly Like your Facebook fan page to gain access to something they want. I don’t know how many times I’ve liked a fan page just so I could get the coupon the company was offering. Sure it sounds like you are buying Facebook Likes but in all honestly you are not. Okay you are, but it really is an effective way to get people on your page. You could offer coupons, free samples, or provide access to exclusive content.

Top Interview Questions Out There

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Top Interview Questions Out There

This was a post provided by Elizabeth C. You can find more of her work on her fantastic job resource site called Research well over 1,500 company profiles, salaries and even find jobs in your local area.

The hardest part of snagging a job is getting through a job interview. If you fail the interview or the interviewer doesn’t like what he or she is hearing, you can kiss the job goodbye. There is no escaping the interview process if you want to get a job. I went ahead and researched some of the top job interview questions out there, and this is the list that I came up with.

What is your greatest strength? The interviewer wants to know what your greatest strengths are and how they can help the company succeed. Be sure to answer this question honestly, and let them know what you can truly do for them.

What is your weakness? This is kind of a tricky question. Most people tell you take your weakness and turn it into a positive. For example, let’s say that you’re late with projects sometimes. Instead of saying that, you could say that you work too hard sometimes and lose track of time.

Gift Baskets PLR Articles

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Gift Baskets PLR Articles

Gift baskets are great all purpose gifts for any occasion including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and even the 4th of July. Since this product is a year-round gift, this PLR article pack includes five general articles that can be used to promote gift baskets any time of the year.

The five articles included in this pack are:

  • Tips for Choosing Corporate Wine Gift Baskets (corporate wine gift baskets) 405 words
  • Themed Gift Baskets – Give Something Truly Unique (themed gift baskets) 400 words
  • Tips for Creating Custom Gift Baskets (custom gift baskets) 442 words
  • 3 Great Ideas for Gift Baskets for Men (gift baskets for men) 405 words
  • Treat the Ladies in Your Life with Gift Baskets for Women (gift baskets for women) 431 words

You can read a sample article on MicroInfoSource. As you can see, I am promoting an offer from 1-800-Gift-Baskets. However, has tons of gift baskets you can promote. The articles can be placed on blogs, used in your newsletters, and submitted to article directories (after being rewritten). Articles are in RTF format and delivered via ZIP file.

Cost: $5.00

Free Up Time for Work by Automating Your House Cleaning

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I’m not a big fan of cleaning. Sometimes I get in the mood and want to scrub down my apartment from top to bottom, but most days I look around and wish I had a genie in a bottle so I could wish the mess away. Maid service Centreville, VA to Seattle, WA is definitely something to think about investing in if you hate cleaning too.

Think about it. How long does it take you to clean your home from top to bottom? My little apartment takes about an hour to 90 minutes depending on how OCD I want to be about it. Let’s say it takes two hours to clean your home from top to bottom. What else could you be doing with that time? You could be working your business and earning income.

I’ve said this before many times. You have to be smart about where you invest your time when it comes to building a successful ibusiness. If you make a $50 sale per hour when you work your business, it costs you $100 in lost opportunities to clean your home. However, if you hire maid service for $25 an hour (prices will vary), then you still come out ahead $50. Plus, you get that awesome new home smell when the maid is done.

Talk to me in the comments. How long does it take to clean your home and what would you do with that extra time?

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