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Content Marketing with PLR Articles

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Content Marketing with PLR Articles

Content marketing is the art of creating content, such as articles or videos, for the purpose of attracting clients to you by sharing information with them and helping you cultivate an image as an expert in your field. Content marketing differs from other types of marketing because the content you provide delivers solutions to problems experienced by your audience. PLR articles can be used with this goal in mind.

Keep in mind that your customers aren’t always looking for answers to a question. Sometimes the problems they are looking to solve is simple boredom or needing information they read put into proper perspective. This is why it is important to understand what your target audience cares about before buying PLR content that addresses that.

Here are several ways in which you can put the PLR content you purchase to work for you.

* Article Marketing – This is the act of writing articles and submitting them to article directories like Ezinearticles and GoArticles. To be effective, you want to submit articles to more than one directory (at least 10). Submitting to multiple article directories increases your exposure as well as the number of links to your website. The more links pointing to your website, the higher it’s ranking in the search engines which mean more traffic to your site. It is important that prior to submitting cheap PLR articles to an article directory that you rewrite it so it is at least 50% different from the original.

Tips for Using PLR Articles to Generate Adsense Income

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Tips for Using PLR Articles to Generate Adsense Income

Although there are plenty of ways you can make money by generating advertising revenue, Google Adsense is one of the most well known. This program consists of posting contextual ads to your website that earn you anywhere from one cent to $50.00 each time someone clicks on a link. Since the type of content you post on your website partially determines how much money you make, let’s look at how PLR articles can help you maximize your Adsense income.

First, a Short Adsense Lesson

The types of ads which are displayed on your site are triggered in one of two ways. When Adsense first came out, the code would scan your content and serve up ads based on the dominant keywords it contained. For example, if your PLR article was optimized for “beauty salon”, then ads about beauty salons would be shown.

A few years ago, Google made a change to the code so that it would serve ads based on consumer interests. Basically, the program would scan the visitor’s cookies saved in their browser and serve up ads based on what it found there. So even if you buy PLR articles on ‘plastic surgery’ and post them, if your visitor has cookies showing they were interested in snowboarding they would be shown articles about snowboarding.

Work At Home PLR Articles

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Work At Home PLR Articles

I have 5 work at home business PLR articles available for sale.

Article Titles:

Avoiding Work at Home Scams Online
Business Marketing Strategies for Your WAHM Biz
Overcome WAH Business Challenges
The Benefits of Working at Home
Tips for Starting a WAH Business

Keywords Targeted: how to avoid scams, avoid work at home scams, business marketing strategies, marketing an online business, home based business marketing, work at home business, work at home online

Each work at home business article is approx 500 words. All articles are original writing. These articles are great for network marketing and affiliate marketing blog. Articles can be used any way that you want. However, you cannot resell or redistribute them in anyway. If you want your own pack of private label articles to sell, contact me about my freelance writing services.

Price: $5.00

Get more PLR articles.

Loss Leader Marketing – How to Use this Retail Marketing Strategy in Your Internet Business

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Loss Leader Marketing – How to Use this Retail Marketing Strategy in Your Internet Business

What is a Loss Leader?

A loss leader is a marketing strategy where a product is sold to the buying market at a price point equal to or below cost. This tactic is used to draw customers into the store in the hopes that they will purchase other items with higher profit margins.

You see this most often in grocery stores where the food store will sell staples such as milk or eggs below cost hoping you’ll buy other, more profitable, food stuffs.

How can using a loss leader help your internet business?

A loss leader isn’t just for retail stores. Even businesses such as consulting firms and web designers can effectively use loss leaders in their businesses.

Using a loss leader can help attract customers to your online store and put them in a buying mood. You see this all the time within the free market. Websites will offer something for free in exchange for traffic to the site or to build their email lists.

How to Get Your Site Indexed by Google, Yahoo, Bing

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How to Get Your Site Indexed by Google, Yahoo, Bing

Search engines are the librarians of the internet world. Every day they send out their interns, called Robots, into cyberspace to forage for information. Each piece of information that is returned to the library is filed in a digital catalog. To access any piece of information in this catalog, all one needs to do is go to their library of choice (Google, Yahoo, Bing or ASK), type in a few search words and wait while the librarian (the search engine) serves up sites matching the query.

As a webmaster, you may be wondering how to get your brand new, still in the bubble wrap, website listed in these giant cyber catalogs. Well, there are two ways robots find new websites. Either by following links from other sites or from the queue of direct submissions.

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