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Tips for Buying Domain Names

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Tips for Buying Domain Names

A domain name is your address on the web similar to the street address of your house. Just as you can live wherever you want, you can register any domain name you want provided the name is not being used by someone else. There are no hard and fast rules to choosing a domain name. For maximum effectiveness, though, I do recommend keeping these tips in mind when buying one.

Your Domain Name = Your Website Name

Making your domain name the same as your website name may seem like the obvious thing to do but there are numerous websites out there whose domain name does not resemble their website name in the least. Usually this is due to poor planning but sometimes the mismatch is because the original domain name the buyer wanted is already taken.

Website Statistics You Should Track

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Website Statistics You Should Track

The majority of bloggers track how many people visit their blog each day which is a nice number to know if you are only interested in the quantity of traffic your blog gets. For those of you interested in improving the quality of traffic that comes to your blog, here are seven stats you should be keeping an eye on.


Your link referral stats will show you how visitors found your website. When someone clicks on your link from another site, such as a search engine, a good traffic stat program will log the url of the website your visitor came from.

With this stat you can see who’s linking to your website. If the visitor came from a search engine such as Yahoo or Google, the referral will also log what keywords the person typed in which will help you in your search engine marketing.

You can also catch copyright thieves simply by including links to other pages on your website in your articles. Most content thieves are too lazy to strip out links in the articles they steal so you should investigate any referral links you do not recognize to make sure no one is using your material without your permission.