Content Marketing with PLR Articles

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Content Marketing with PLR Articles

Content marketing is the art of creating content, such as articles or videos, for the purpose of attracting clients to you by sharing information with them and helping you cultivate an image as an expert in your field. Content marketing differs from other types of marketing because the content you provide delivers solutions to problems experienced by your audience. PLR articles can be used with this goal in mind.

Keep in mind that your customers aren’t always looking for answers to a question. Sometimes the problems they are looking to solve is simple boredom or needing information they read put into proper perspective. This is why it is important to understand what your target audience cares about before buying PLR content that addresses that.

Here are several ways in which you can put the PLR content you purchase to work for you.

* Article Marketing – This is the act of writing articles and submitting them to article directories like Ezinearticles and GoArticles. To be effective, you want to submit articles to more than one directory (at least 10). Submitting to multiple article directories increases your exposure as well as the number of links to your website. The more links pointing to your website, the higher it’s ranking in the search engines which mean more traffic to your site. It is important that prior to submitting cheap PLR articles to an article directory that you rewrite it so it is at least 50% different from the original.

* Blogging – Having a blog that you update on a regular basis encourages people to return to your website. It is also a good way to brand yourself in your field of expertise and offers innumerable ways for your audience to promote you. The experts recommend that you try to blog every day. If you cannot keep up that pace, you can use PLR articles to fill in the gap.

* Guest Posting – A good way to generate traffic to your website or blog is to tap into the audience of other websites. Guest posting on blogs in your industry, or sister industries, exposes you to their readers who will naturally visit your website to see what you are all about. Additionally, because you are seen on a blog they trust, overcoming the trust barrier will be much easier. When submitting private label content to a guest blog, you will want to completely rewrite it. Most blogs do not accept duplicate content for guest posts.

* Search Engine Marketing – Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing is the art of ranking well for certain keywords in the search engines. Keywords are the words people use to find information when they search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Ranking well for the keywords your target audience is using will draw them to your content. Search engine optimized PLR content can help your website rank well for the keywords you are targeting.

* Email Marketing – This form of marketing includes newsletters, email courses, and sending marketing offers directly to your audience. Delivery of your message and marketing is sent directly to their email box. Never send unsolicited mail. Your message will be received much better if you work to have people sign up to your list of their own accord. You can use PLR content to fill your newsletters or to put together an email course which will help you build your list. You can then start making money with affiliate sales.

* Blog Carnivals – Although not as popular as they once were, a blog carnival is an online event where the host blog posts a list of links to articles submitted by participants on the topic of the carnival. For example, a carnival whose topic is marketing would review and add to the list all articles that pertained to some form of marketing. If you want to participate in a carnival but don’t have articles on the topic or don’t know enough about the topic to participate, you can purchase PLR articles to post on your website that you can submit to be included.

PLR articles can be used many ways when it comes to content marketing. As long as you get your articles from a reputable provider to produces high quality content, you will have a good shot at achieving your goals. Check out my PLR store for content that you can profit on.

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