How to Get More Facebook Likes for Your Fan Page

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How to Get More Facebook Likes for Your Fan Page

Facebook Likes is Where the Money Is

Facebook offers numerous opportunities to market to their 600 million members. However, the first step is to get on their radar. If you have created a Facebook fan page then you are ahead of the curve but not quite around the bend yet. To take full advantage of the marketing opportunities on Facebook, you need to get Facebook Likes for your page.

A Facebook Like is pretty much the same as getting friend requests on the site. The status updates you post on your fan page show up in the news stream of the people who liked your page. Additionally, you can send mass messages to the entire group. So if you own a retail store and you are having a sale, you can let everyone know about it in one email. Plus, the more people who like your Facebook fan page the farther your sales message goes when those people share your content.

4 Tips for Getting More Facebook Likes

Reward Customers for Their Facebook Likes

Bribery works. Honestly, people love getting stuff for free and will gladly Like your Facebook fan page to gain access to something they want. I don’t know how many times I’ve liked a fan page just so I could get the coupon the company was offering. Sure it sounds like you are buying Facebook Likes but in all honestly you are not. Okay you are, but it really is an effective way to get people on your page. You could offer coupons, free samples, or provide access to exclusive content.

Collaborate with Other Facebook Fan Page Admins

Find fan pages in similar industries and network with the administrators to cross market your fan pages. This is an excellent way to tap into the established audiences of other companies and get Facebook Likes. The important thing to remember is that you want to connect with people in complementary markets, not direct competitors. Even if you and your competitor are BFFs, it will cause nothing but trouble if they are competing for the same prospects.

Cross Promote on Other Social Networks

If you have built up a good following on Twitter, Ning, or some other social network, leverage that effort and promote your Facebook fan page on those sites. You will get double the help promoting your business because your followers will probably share your updates on both sites. The trick to getting Facebook Likes this way is to avoid spamming your promotions on your social profiles. A few well placed tweets should be enough to get people interested.

Integrate Facebook on Your Website

Your blog or company website should be the central place where all of your marketing efforts converge since this is where most of your selling will take place. Integrating your Facebook fan page into your website is a good way to get more Facebook Likes. Add the Facebook Likebox that displays your Facebook page and its recent activity. It doesn’t hurt to add the Facebook Like button to your posts to encourage visitors to share your content with their social network.

Getting more Facebook Likes is your ticket to increased sales and traffic to your website. Take time today to brainstorm ways to get people “liking” you on Facebook.

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