Protecting Your Online Reputation

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Protecting Your Online Reputation

Awhile ago, I read an article about name squatting and how spammers and other ne’er-do-wells are registering company names on Twitter and other social networking sites. It seems that several brand names (Tim Hortons, Sears, and Coca-Cola) have been registered by squatters. This could potentially pose a problem for those companies should the people who registered those names choose to use them for evil.

The time it takes to build a good reputation is disproportionate to the time it takes to destroy one. I’m talking years vs. seconds. Not only do you have to worry about the natural misunderstandings that often occur online, but you have to also have to worry about internet abusers who thinks it’s fun to destroy another person’s reputation.

Case in point: Exxon Moblie Corp had someone register a Twitter account and person tried to pass themselves off as a representative of the company. While the damage was minimal (at a time when gas was almost $4.00 a gallon in the US, I would say that Exxon dodged a bullet), the incident highlights the need for businesses and individuals to be proactive and vigilante about what is happening with their names online.

Sniper Scope – Increasing Sales by Defining Your Target Market

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Sniper Scope – Increasing Sales by Defining Your Target Market

I made the same mistake that a lot of first time business owners make. I thought I wanted everyone to be my customer. After all, the more customers I reached, the more money I made, right?


In reality, I only wanted to attract the people who could benefit from the services I offered, who I could actually help, and who were willing to pay the asking price. By trying to go after anyone and everyone, I attracted people who didn’t fit all of the criteria. Either they wanted my help but I couldn’t help them or they were willing to pay for assistance but they didn’t need the exact services I provided.

These types of situations could have been avoided I had simply taken the time to define my target market.

What is a Target Market?

A target market is a group of people, usually defined by a set of demographics such as age, gender and location, who are most likely to buy your product or service. Put another way, these are the people who have a problem and need your product to solve it.

Content Marketing with PLR Articles

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Content Marketing with PLR Articles

Content marketing is the art of creating content, such as articles or videos, for the purpose of attracting clients to you by sharing information with them and helping you cultivate an image as an expert in your field. Content marketing differs from other types of marketing because the content you provide delivers solutions to problems experienced by your audience. PLR articles can be used with this goal in mind.

Keep in mind that your customers aren’t always looking for answers to a question. Sometimes the problems they are looking to solve is simple boredom or needing information they read put into proper perspective. This is why it is important to understand what your target audience cares about before buying PLR content that addresses that.

Here are several ways in which you can put the PLR content you purchase to work for you.

* Article Marketing – This is the act of writing articles and submitting them to article directories like Ezinearticles and GoArticles. To be effective, you want to submit articles to more than one directory (at least 10). Submitting to multiple article directories increases your exposure as well as the number of links to your website. The more links pointing to your website, the higher it’s ranking in the search engines which mean more traffic to your site. It is important that prior to submitting cheap PLR articles to an article directory that you rewrite it so it is at least 50% different from the original.

Tips for Using PLR Articles to Generate Adsense Income

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Tips for Using PLR Articles to Generate Adsense Income

Although there are plenty of ways you can make money by generating advertising revenue, Google Adsense is one of the most well known. This program consists of posting contextual ads to your website that earn you anywhere from one cent to $50.00 each time someone clicks on a link. Since the type of content you post on your website partially determines how much money you make, let’s look at how PLR articles can help you maximize your Adsense income.

First, a Short Adsense Lesson

The types of ads which are displayed on your site are triggered in one of two ways. When Adsense first came out, the code would scan your content and serve up ads based on the dominant keywords it contained. For example, if your PLR article was optimized for “beauty salon”, then ads about beauty salons would be shown.

A few years ago, Google made a change to the code so that it would serve ads based on consumer interests. Basically, the program would scan the visitor’s cookies saved in their browser and serve up ads based on what it found there. So even if you buy PLR articles on ‘plastic surgery’ and post them, if your visitor has cookies showing they were interested in snowboarding they would be shown articles about snowboarding.

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