Top Interview Questions Out There

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Top Interview Questions Out There

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The hardest part of snagging a job is getting through a job interview. If you fail the interview or the interviewer doesn’t like what he or she is hearing, you can kiss the job goodbye. There is no escaping the interview process if you want to get a job. I went ahead and researched some of the top job interview questions out there, and this is the list that I came up with.

What is your greatest strength? The interviewer wants to know what your greatest strengths are and how they can help the company succeed. Be sure to answer this question honestly, and let them know what you can truly do for them.

What is your weakness? This is kind of a tricky question. Most people tell you take your weakness and turn it into a positive. For example, let’s say that you’re late with projects sometimes. Instead of saying that, you could say that you work too hard sometimes and lose track of time.

How do you handle stress? This is a question that a lot of employers ask. Since they don’t like people that act crazy when they stress out, you’ll want to give an honest answer to this question as well, but frame in a way that sounds postive.

Why did you leave your job? If you have left your job in the past, let them know why you did. There are many reasons on why you could have left. Whether you were fired or you just didn’t like your job, just let them know why you left and they will appreciate that.

What are your goals? Let them know what your true goals are. Since everyone has goals, they more than likely want to know where you’re going to be in a few years. Again, be honest with this and let them know where you picture yourself in 5 or 10 years.

Tell me about yourself. This is probably one of the most popular questions. Let them know a few tidbits about you. Don’t just start blabbering about where you were born and other boring stuff. Instead, tell them about your accomplishments and your best qualities.

These are the most common questions that you’re going to be asked. Now that you know them, be prepared to answer them when the time comes for an interview!

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