Tips for Using PLR Articles to Generate Adsense Income

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Tips for Using PLR Articles to Generate Adsense Income

Although there are plenty of ways you can make money by generating advertising revenue, Google Adsense is one of the most well known. This program consists of posting contextual ads to your website that earn you anywhere from one cent to $50.00 each time someone clicks on a link. Since the type of content you post on your website partially determines how much money you make, let’s look at how PLR articles can help you maximize your Adsense income.

First, a Short Adsense Lesson

The types of ads which are displayed on your site are triggered in one of two ways. When Adsense first came out, the code would scan your content and serve up ads based on the dominant keywords it contained. For example, if your PLR article was optimized for “beauty salon”, then ads about beauty salons would be shown.

A few years ago, Google made a change to the code so that it would serve ads based on consumer interests. Basically, the program would scan the visitor’s cookies saved in their browser and serve up ads based on what it found there. So even if you buy PLR articles on ‘plastic surgery’ and post them, if your visitor has cookies showing they were interested in snowboarding they would be shown articles about snowboarding.

The idea behind interest based advertising is that people may be more likely to click on ads based on their interest but I’m not so sure. If people come to your site looking for information about plastic surgery, I think they would be more likely to click on ads about that particular topic. The option to opt out (which I recommend) is located in your Adsense admin panel under Allow & Block Ads, Advanced Settings.

How to Use PLR for Google Adsense

There are two ways to generate Adsense income using PLR articles. You can make money on the articles themselves by surrounding them with your Adsense code. The other way is to make money by using them to generate traffic to your website.

Whether you want to use the articles on your blog or submit them to article directories to generate traffic and build Pagerank, you should rewrite the PLR articles before you use them. The duplicate content penalty is a myth. However, Google and other search engines will only show a few instances of the same article in their search results.

This means, if you have duplicate content on your blog, it will still get indexed by the search engines but it may get relegated to a supplemental index that doesn’t show up in the regular results. To prevent this, you should rewrite the articles so that they are at least 50% different than the original. If you are submitting the articles to an article directory, then it should be at least 75% to pass their plagiarism/copy filters.

Where you place your ads in the PLR article is important. Through much testing, many webmasters have determined that the large rectangle (either the 300×250 or 336×280) floated to the right or left of the content works best. Do your best to blend the ads in so they look natural. Other ad units can be placed either at the foot of the article or in the sidebar.

It is important that you do not overcrowd your article with ads as this will turn off readers who will click away as quickly as they can.

Using PLR Articles to Drive Traffic

The more traffic you have flowing to your site, the higher the chance that people will click on your ads. You can use PLR articles to generate traffic in a number of ways.

* Submit them to article directories

* Submit them to forums with links back to your website

* Find appropriate questions on sites like Yahoo! Answers and link back to them on your site

* Submit them as guest posts on other blogs

To further increase traffic to your website, you should submit links to your PLR articles to social bookmarking sites like Digg and Stumbleupon.

Buy PLR articles for your niche projects.

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