Month: July 2022

How to Code HTML Emails for Any Device

How to Code HTML Emails for Any Device In the broader web design world, we’ve been through the browser wars where Netscape and Internet Explorer fought each other to introduce competing ways to code just about everything. Thanks to the Web Standards Project and associated efforts, modern web browsers are much more consistent than they…

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Cryptocurrency white paper

Of course, you’ll also want to do due diligence on the team members, token allocation, and other key information contained in the white paper. We’ve seen examples of companies plagiarizing or falsifying their white papers, so do some fact checking and background research. Don’t take these documents at face value. How to Read a Cryptocurrency…

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Ecommerce marketplace

Etsy is geared toward “crafters, artists, and collectors”, and except for items categorized as “Vintage” or “Supplies”, Etsy is designed to sell handmade items created by the person selling the product. This makes it a good option for crafters, artists, and antique or vintage shops looking to sell online. 15 top online marketplaces 1. Amazon…

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