I can hear what you are thinking. Oh no, not another make money online blog. Okay, that’s fair. The internet is crowded with meta bloggers who are trying to make money showing people how to make money. Some are better at it than others.

I’m not going to pretend or posture that I’m some sort of expert on making money online. I’ve been working on the internet in one form or another since 2004. In all honesty, the only reason why I have an internet business is because I could not get a job.

In 2008, I left my good job (making good money by the way) to take care of an elderly relative. I moved across state lines to do it. I knew the economy was in trouble but I thought for sure I would be able to find a job. I’ve always been able to find a job. Always. I had the skills and experience. I’m pretty personable and get along well with others. I felt confident in my ability to become employed in my new town.

5 months, 100-200 applications, and 5 interviews later I was still unemployed. Let me tell you. That was quite a WTF moment. I was in a panic because I had payments to make and little to no income coming in.

So I looked at the lemons in my lap and tried to figure out how to make lemonade. I knew I could write since I had been doing some side work here and there for private clients since November 2007. I also had some design skills and I was internet savvy. Motivated by the bill collectors calling me, I officially hung my sign out as a full time freelance writer for hire. That was in November 2008.

The road has not been smooth, mostly due to my own tendency to self-sabotage (more on that later). But for the past three years, I’ve been surviving, and even thriving at times, due to the opportunities I was able to find online.

This is the reason I started Delish iBusiness Internet Business Blog.

My heart hurts. It hurts because I know there are people out there like me suffering from unemployment, underemployment, home foreclosures, homelessness, hopelessness and they don’t know what to do. There is money to be made online but they don’t know about it. If they do know there are opportunities online, they don’t know how to take advantage of them or even where to start.

My goal with Delish iBusiness Internet Business Blog is to develop a resource that helps people who are struggling to find ways to make money so they can pay the rent and put food on the table. If I make money in the process, good for me. However, I’m more focused on helping people in hopeless financial situations find that light at the end of the tunnel.