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Private Sector

The private sector’s role in infrastructural development continues to evolve and expand as the years go by. Owners of the public sector are demanding to fund for operations, maintenance and construction. The tax revenues that are steadily diminishing accompanied by an increase an increase in infrastructural development.  Private sector has operated and owned wastewater/water and…

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Ethical Challenges in the Global Business Environment

Business expansion techniques are one of the core agenda, and managers often lay effective strategies to achieve their expansion dreams. In most cases, a business with a local origin in a country tends aims at a regional presence, before going international and global. When the expansion strategies achieve a global presence, such a business considers…

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Problem or Challenge Facing the Firm

What is the key problem or challenge facing the firm that you will try to resolve The company has to deal with the problem of counterfeit wines in its market segment originating from their partners and other swindlers now that much sales is online. Through analysis, the wine traders particularly ASC can expose a counterfeiter…

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